Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 14 February 2021

How wonderful is God

the one who saves us from the pit

who does not let our enemies gloat over us

who turns our nights of weeping

into mornings of rejoicing

How wonderful is God

worthy of our thankful hearts

worthy of our gratefulness

worthy of our gratitude

for wonderful is God

and greatly is God to be praised and thanked

even on cold mornings, the brightness of the sky reveals the glory of the Lord

in the snow, the laughter of children sledging

reveals the glory of the Lord

in the frost, our visible breath rising up

reveals the glory of the Lord

For God is wonderful and worthy of all our thanks and gratefulness

though we bring them before God this day

it prompts us to also bring forth our concerns, worries and troubles before the throne of Grace

offering them to the Lamb who sits on the throne

those queuing in the snow and wind at a Glasgow food kitchen

those within our communities who would rather freeze than face the fear of the heating bill

all who effectively become housebound in the snow and ice

the road and rail crews working around the clock to keep the roads and railways open

truckers out well before dawn, driving through snow and ice to bring our food and deliveries to shops and our doors

we pause to recall them all before you, oh God


and we raise our eyes beyond our shores

to Myanmar, where the military have overthrown the government

to China, where genocide of the Uighurs happening

to Malawi, where the rich nations clinging to Covid vaccines, overburdening the already overburdened health service

Lord in your mercy

hear our prayer

and help us to pray, pray and pray for these places and situations

running the race of prayer, to your glory and honour

and, as we continue to pray

we pause in quietness to bring before you the people, places and situations which are in our minds and on our hearts today


Lord God

accept all these prayers

laid at the throne of the Lamb who was slain

in faith and trust