Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 5 August 2018

Lord God

for the vast array of resources we have available to us

we give you thanks

for internet and telephones that allow us to contact people at the other side of the world in an instant

for libraries and pharmacies

for bakers and butchers

for stunning this stunning landscape and the wildlife which inhabits it

for access to clean water, without a second thought

for electricity which is there at the flick of a switch

we give you our praise and thanks

but we realise sometimes, when it’s just there

it is too easy to be complacent about it

to forget, even in this land, not everyone can access these things so readily

and for those in the poorest countries of the world, the situation is worse

without clean water, disease becomes rife

without reliable electricity, education is stifled

without internet, opportunities for development are limited

may we be willing to set aside some of our wealth and privilege to ensure a more even distribution of resources in this country and your world, Lord God

Lord God

we thank you for King David, flawed as he was

through him, your son, Jesus Christ, would come

in Christ, we know grace, peace and unconditional love

and we delight to give thanks for this blessing in our lives

Assist us to turn from ways which abuse the power and resources we can access

to a more equal sharing

so all are fed

all are educated

all have clean water, electricity, internet

and we do not steal from the poor through our overuse of the earth’s resources

humbly, may our lives, our whole lives, better reflect your justice, compassion, mercy and love, Lord God

for the earth and for our neighbour

that your will truly will be done on earth as it is in heaven