Opening Prayer 1 November 2015

Lord God Almighty

Overseer, head of all we know, of all we are, of all heaven and earth

we magnify your name, your divine name, a name which is beyond our full comprehension

a name which is beginning and end, alpha and omega, removed from our understanding of time and space

all we can do, in this moment, is pause at the wonder and majesty which is you, Lord God

to bask in unspeakable adoration at your throne


Banqueting Giving King

you wish to set the finest food and drink before us

before all people

inviting everyone into your kingdom, to share in the feast you prepare for the whole earth

who are we that we should be guests at the spread which lies before us?

That you would take time to be our host, to come beside us, to eat and drink and laugh and cry with us, in Christ our Lord?

Come, be our guest this hour.

Bless our worship, our praise, our prayer.

Make them holy and acceptable in your sight, Lord God

May our worship blend with the saints, named and unnamed in heaven and on earth in a never ending hymn of adoration at your holy mountain


Including Father

All people on earth are your loved and precious children. All are invited to come to the banquet you set before all the earth.

No one is excluded, no one is left out.

But we sometimes forget this, we forget all are made in your image, the image of our master, our king.

We make rules and regulations which exclude those who aren’t like us.

We use signs and symbols, words even, which others struggle to understand.

We try to limit your love, your grace, your mercy, due to our own frailties, our own foolishness

Forgive us Lord, we pray.

Open our hearts and minds to include to your people, all who are welcome to the banquet set before us.

The banquet, with our Lord and master, Jesus Christ as the host, in and through whom we offer our prayers and pray the words he taught his disciples to pray: