Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 31 March 2019

Embracing God

as the Father embraced his lost son

we thank you for your embrace

a love which which will not let us go

a love which will never give up on us

as we think on that love, that welcome, that affirmation given to us

remind us no one is lost from your care, compassion, grace and love

those you would reach out to we may struggle to accept

the drug addict

the child abuser

the politicians who seem to put personal ambition before the good of the nation

the people whose opinions we can never condone

the list can go on and on

remind us your way is not our way

your thoughts are not our thoughts

that the kingdom your Son came to build is a different kingdom

where all can know your loving embrace

as their Parent

Parenting God

we thank you for your eternal presence in our lives

in sustaining us

in providing for all our needs and more

in gently rebuking us when we have gone astray

we praise you for all those who have cared for us in our lives

parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, neighbours, work colleagues, people in the churches we have been part of

may our thanks for all their care not just be for one day, one special day

but each and every day

and we may be people who are known for caring for others

especially those the world may forget or overlook