Approach and confession prayer 15 March 2020

Lord God

Springs of living water burst forth from you and your great goodness

water which cleanses, quenches, refreshes

over which the spirit moved at the moment of creation

needed by all living things

animals and plants

to sustain life.

To grow

to live

where would any of this world, we know, would be without water?

Desolate, barren, devoid of life

Life that you so generously and graciously poured out for us

as we gather to worship at the spring,

the source of all life

we bring our songs, our laughter, our pain and our tears

to gather at the well

seeking wholeness, meaning, life in all its fullness

from the One who is the source and destiny of all

the Lord God

Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer of the world


Redeeming Christ

Come along side us, this hour

through our prayers and praise

our pondering of your Word

may we draw deeply on the Water of Life

that we would be filled to overflowing with the power of that water

this hour

this day

and all the days of our lives


Life Fulfilling One

come to us, through the presence of the Spirit

may she hover in and around us

calming the storms which rage within

the storms of doubt and self-loathing

the storms of anxiety and worry

the storms of anger and pain

calming all our storms within

that we can feel the source of the Water of Life with us

that we can be cleansed, quenched, refreshed