Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 6 January 2019

Dream inspiring God

bring us dreams, as you did the magi and Joseph

dreams which will take us where the Christ needs to go

dreams which may seem crazy to others, even to us

but dreams which will inspire and challenge

dreams in which the vision of your kingdom, on earth as in heaven, truly does come true

we praise you for dreams

the dreams of God which formed the universe

the dreams of the prophets who foretold the Messiah

the dreams of those who built this church

the dreams of those who brought us to faith

in the one who was dreamed about

the Messiah, the King, the Christ

the one who changed the world

but first, fled murder and lived in humility

with the vulnerable and poor

Christ of Poverty

we thank you that you understand all humanity

in your life you turned to lowliness and humility, rather than grandeur and power

so you could come alongside the weak, the vulnerable, the lost, the lonely

for you know all of these emotions and more

we thank you for setting aside your power and coming beside us

being one of us

sometimes a stranger in a foreign land

that you might teach us how to treat strangers among us

sometimes a King honoured by priests of another religion

that you might show us truths may come from unexpected sources

sometimes a child taken by his parents to escape death

that you might teach us the powers of the world still do not value the lives of all children

sometimes one saved by dreams

that you might teach us to look for your vision

sometimes one targeted by unstable Rulers

that you might teach us what true power looks like

Powerful Christ

your way of power was not that of the world

we praise and thank you that was and is the case

teach us to become more like you

getting alongside those the world forgets, does not value

and showing

such is the kingdom of God

God of New beginnings

in this new year, may we place your dreams, your vision

in the centre of this church’s worship and service and our own lives

that Christ may be known in and through us