Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 October 2021

Our souls magnify the Lord

our hearts leap for joy at all the Lord has done

that we may enter God’s courts with thanksgiving

that we may receive treasure in heaven

richer, much richer than anything we could ever imagine

for it is life in the age to come

what joy is ours that we may receive this glorious gift

praise the Lord

praise the wondrous name of the Lord

may the wealth we have on earth

be used as in heaven

to bless this land

the communities in which we live

and the whole earth

which is groaning


to know the love of Christ we know

the super wealthy who have no comprehension of poverty and its impact

the destitute father, stealing to feed his family

the mother, at her wits end, thinking her life has no value

the disabled person constantly battling to receive support

as Christ looked into the rich man’s soul with love

may we look do likewise

Christ Jesus

the whole earth

is groaning


to know your love of which we know

from occupants of the smallest flat in Glasgow

to the largest palace in Dubai

from the smallest daisy

to the blue whale

all are cared for loved

known by God

may they all know mercy



and may we, use what we have

our possessions

our spending

our voices

in following Christ Jesus

all the days of our lives