Approach and confession prayer 10 June 2018

Praise the Lord

we will praise the Lord with all of our hearts

before wealth and status

before possessions and position

we will sing praise to the Lord

bowing down in humbleness towards the Lord of Hosts

whose name is holy and worthy of our praise

for the Lord’s love is unfailing

the faithfulness of God is never ending

mighty is the King of kings

the true ruler of earth, as well as heaven

may we have no king before God

may the rulers of the nations bow before God in praise too

singing to God’s glory and honour

proclaiming the ways of the Lord to the ends of the earth

so everyone, rich and poor

strong and weak

Asian and Caucasian

African and American

would know the great glory of the Lord

which shines around us as the midday sun in midsummer

which burns within and around us through God’s Holy Spirit waltzing among us

which blazes in the myriad of colours and hues we witness around us

May our praise bring glory to God the most high

may our hearts be open to Christ’s challenge to us

may our minds be changed by the Holy Spirit’s prompting us to see further than we think

to imagine more than we thought

to love deeper than we dreamed

so we may draw together, as true brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus

confessing before him our sins of pride, arrogance, narrow-mindedness

bringing before him those times we cling to familiar ways of living our faith, at the expense of building the kingdom of God

conceding there are times we have failed to be faithful to Christ in our praise and worship, in loving God, in loving neighbour

Christ Jesus

come and show us the way which leads to the kingdom here on earth

take away all our pain and doubt, our sins and fears, all the excuses we have for failing to truly follow you

forgive us this day and grant to us hearts filled with love for you, our Saviour, Master, King

that we may love those you love as sisters and brothers