Approach and confession prayer 31 January 2021

In the company of the people of Christ

Praise the Lord

let us delight in God

with our whole hearts

and glorify God’s name

in the company of our siblings in Christ

we gather to honour the Lord’s Holy Name

in prayer and adoration

in supplication and confession

in Word and silence

Praise the Lord

for God never fails

is the keeper of promises

fulfiller of the covenant

through Christ Jesus

the One we ground our faith on

the One who binds us together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, as his Body

the church

brought together in this time, in this place

blending our voices and selves

with the great company of believers who are on earth and in heaven

to One who is strength in our weakness

wisdom in our folly

knowledge in our misunderstanding

may we praise the Lord

oh, our souls

and magnify the Name of the God

all the days of our lives

as we gather to praise God

may we also pause to reflect on where we have sinned against God and against others

on our own and in the company of others

God, our Father

we are full of sorrow, and long to repent

assist us to lay our transgressions at your feet

as we humbly know it is only through your great compassion and love we can truly know forgiveness

offered through Christ Jesus

your Son, our Lord