Approach and confession prayer 10 May 2020

Praise the Lord

let us praise the Lord

in prayer and petition

in song and silence

in awe and wonder

let us praise the Lord

The Lord who is our refuge and strength

For God will not forsake nor leave us

God guides us and leads us

even when we cannot fathom the path before us

God leads us gently on the paths of righteousness

Loving God

lead us this day

show us who you need us to bless

reveal to us your presence with us this day

let you face shine upon us

and grant us your steadfast love


Loving One

send the Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds this day

may she dwell in us, bringing comfort and support

challenge and wisdom

blessing and love

for us and those we are called to serve

through the Spirit’s blessing in this time of worship, may our prayers and praise be a holy, living sacrifice, from us your holy people


Holy One

though we are precious to you

made holy through your indwelling with us

we know we have fallen short of your glory

and we hide our faces from you,

in shame for the things we have said and failed to say

in shame for the things we have done and failed to do

which bring pain, rather than blessing

In your great mercy and love

cleanse us from these, and all our sins, that we may rise forgiven, becoming your holy priesthood

through Christ Jesus we pray