Easter 2B opening 12 April 2015

Bless us, O God, this day

in the chorus of the birds, bless us

in the scent of the blossom, bless us

in the wet grass and spring flowers, bless us

bless us and heal us

for we come to you, in this time, in this place

in love and trust

love and trust and expectant hope

in your promises, revealed to us in through the resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord

We lift our voices, in worship and praise, to you, God of the new day, of new beginnings, of new and wondrous possibilities

O God of new beginnings

we come, remembering the newness of life you gave to the world, though that amazing resurrection

We lift our voices and hearts, in worship and praise to you, the risen Christ

remembering that yours is the power which reaches all hearts

yours is the sacrifice that challenges our indifference

yours is the glory that spans the earth

yours is the victory and the triumph

Risen Christ

come, be with us, in this ancient place.

Not made holy by human hands or people’s endeavour, but made holy in and through the power of your holy spirit, moving within and around us in our time together

open our eyes, open our ears to see and hear your word, your call, your love

Cleanse our hearts and minds from all which lays heavy on us.

The things we have said, which we wish we hadn’t

the things we have left unsaid, but wish we had the courage to say

the things we have done, which we ought not to have done

the things we have not done, which you have called us to do.

Despite all the ways we have let you down, Gracious God, we know we are forgiven in and through our risen Lord, Jesus Christ, who taught his followers to say together:


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