Approach and confession prayer 7 April 2019

The Lord is King

we lift our voices, in prayer before God’s glorious throne

that throne from which all time and space were


that throne where the hem of the Lord’s cloak would fill this place over and over again

the throne from which the Word of God comes to us

in Jesus Christ our Lord

inviting us to follow him

to the cross, to death and beyond into glorious resurrection

for we are resurrection people

where in death and dying

in pain and sorrow

we have a hope and a future

in God

whom we trust

whom we worship this hour

whom we long to serve all the days of our lives

for this is God who lead the people from slavery to freedom

Freedom giving One

grant us release from self-reliance

grant us deliverance from looking to the past through rose-tinted spectacles

grant us emancipation from our narrowsightedness

that we can see what you are doing

a new thing

where barren land will be watered

where the places without hope will be filled with joy and laughter

where we may die to the old things and be resurrected as your church, the Body of Christ

to your praise and glory forever and ever

Christ Jesus

send the Holy Spirit to us

that we may be inspired, challenged and moved

to go where we are lead

not knowing the end

but pressing on to the goal of the prize which God has called us to, in Christ

who is our King, our Saviour, our Friend

who we long to draw closer to this hour and all the days of our lives