Opening Prayer 25 June 2017

How wonderful are your works, Lord of Hosts, to us

they surround us

in the lushness of the fields

in the blossom on the tree

in the calling of the oystercatcher

we cannot help but be amazed by the wonder of your works, oh Lord of Hosts

the more we gain understanding of the bounty of your works, the more we are in awe at the harmony, the balance, the intertwining of all life

it is amazing

it is fabulous

it is surprising

we bow in awe

in the knowledge of your works, limited though that knowledge may be

we bow in awe that we are privileged to come here and worship you in word, in song, in prayer

may all our thoughts, all our words, all which we hold in our hearts

be acceptable in your sight, Lord of Hosts

remind us, through our baptism we received your grace of love, of forgiveness

cleanse us from all which prevents true adoration of all that is holy, all that is true, all that is lovely

release us of the burden of all the ways we have sinned in word, thought and deed

in the knowledge we are set free in and through your grace to live out your good news

May your Holy Spirit rest upon each one of us

stir within us hearts which which to bring you glory in all we say and do and are

that in so doing, we may show to all the world how wonderful, how marvellous the Lord of Hosts is

This is our prayer, offered in and through Jesus Christ our Lord