Approach and confession prayer 21 February 2021

Living God

promise keeper

covenant maker

we come

we come to worship you

to set this time apart as holy, sacred

a place where the veil between heaven and earth is so thin

we can almost touch it

feel it

smell it

fill our senses with your glory, Lord God

help us to view your divinity all around us

in the vase of flowers at the windowsill

to the sound of children playing in next door’s garden

in the space between us

and our fellow siblings in Christ

around the globe

all offering their adoration in a wave of adoration

from dawn to dusk

from day to day

week to week

month to month

in a never ending hymn of praise

to the One who is Holy

Holy One

as we begin this Lent journey

help us to journey with you

to seek out time to spend with you

to seek out ways to show kindness to others

to seek out your blessing

as we wander through the wilderness

assist us to resist temptation

to confess when we have sinned

and to truly seek repentance

from you, and from those we have sinned against

do not hold your mercy from us

remember your covenant you gave to Noah

not to destroy all flesh

take away our sins, Christ Jesus

as we humbly repent of them

rise us up

that we may sincerely follow you, this Lenten journey

to the cross of our salvation