Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 8 April 2018

Lord God Almighty

we praise and honour you for all you are

for coming to us, where we are

in our stillness

in our busyness

in our worry

in our pain

in our sorrow

and offering peace

the peace which comes from knowing you

from knowing you have felt all we feel

through coming to us as Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord

thank you for this offer of peace

feely offered

may we accept the peace you breathe into our souls

that it may put to death all which inhibits good living

fear, doubt, dread, hopelessness

in our lives and in the live of those you call us to serve

Today, we recall before you all those who were excited to celebrate Easter last week

excited to praise the Risen Christ

but pressures of work, of care for others have got in the way of that excitement turning to commitment

or the pressures of self-doubt, of fear that what they can offer is not enough for the one who has done so much for them

they will not listen when you ask them to do something for them

or as they think over the story of Easter, Jesus’ death and resurrection, they cannot tell others of this good news

for it is only a story

Lord, go and met them where they are

through us

through others

through your Holy Spirit

that they may see the Risen Christ in the lives

feeding their souls, hearts and minds with all good things

Risen Christ

we recall before you those from our community who we know are in need of our peace:

[specific names of those in the church community who are ill or struggling in other ways]

bless them with your love

comfort them with your goodness

and show us how to come into their lives and be bearers of your blessing, comfort and peace

Providing Jesus

you gave the disciples breakfast

and you attend to our physical needs to

for which we are grateful

use us, even the little we think we have to offer

to attend to the physical needs of those around us

giving food to the hungry

shelter to the homeless

clothes to the naked

water to the thirsty

save us from expecting others to do this

empower us to love as you loved

for through your love