Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 February 2019

Lord God

your unfailing love is your greatest gift to the world

and to us

for that love, we praise you

in your unfailing love

we have a hope, a firm foundations

though the earth may shake, though governments may fail

your love endures forever

we thank you for that love revealed in so many ways

the changing seasons, where spring flowers are beginning to probe their way through the cold earth

the lengthening of the days

the access we have to clean water at the turn of a tap

the bound of fellowship which binds us to one another and to you, through Jesus Christ

Christ Jesus

we bless you for reminding us not to be afraid

to not fear you, to not fear stepping out in faith to follow where you would lead

we thank you we can place our trust in you

we bring before you those who toil to trust

for they live in a cycle of abuse

for they have been told that, because of who they love, they are not welcome in church

for they have been let down too many times

for promises have been broken

for you have taken from them the most precious thing they had in the world

bind up their hearts, Christ Jesus

love them unfailingly

and help us to not be afraid, to have courage and to reach out in love to all who fail to trust

through listening

through serving

through being a presence

through praying every day for those who we personally know who struggle to trust

Comforting Spirit

comfort those who are lost and weary

those who are sad and lonely

those who are in pain and dying

those who mourn and grieve

those who hunger and thirst

those who weep and wail

stir within us the courage to be with those who we know who need comfort

Consoling Christ

in your words and actions, you showed a better way of living

encourage our leaders, of the church, in our communities, in our local, Scottish and UK governments to guide and lead your people

to the of living you wish for all humanity

where your kingdom will come, your will is done

here as in heaven