Opening prayer 8 January 2017

Let us ascribe to The Lord

Ascribe to the Lord all that is worthy

ascribe to the Lord all that is good

ascribe to the Lord all that is beautiful

for all which is worthy and good and beautiful reveals the glory of his name

a name which is above all names

a name which is holy

to be adored and honoured from generation to generation

everlasting to everlasting

The Lord God is amazing

through his mighty word

the heavens and the earth were spread out

springs of water were called forth in the wilderness

the breath of life was given to God’s people

and life to all who walk on the land

Our righteous God

who calls to us

who takes our hands and blesses us

as his people

to be a light for all the nations

Our God

who is worthy of all our glory and praise

this hour, this day and all the days of our lives

may our voices, our hearts, our minds, our souls be filled with the deep, deep knowledge of your power, your majesty, your righteousness

as we worship you in prayer and praise

as we hear and mediate on your word

Focus our lives on you, Lord God

assist us to worship you alone

and to set aside all which may get in the way of our devotion to you

the demands of the world to accumulate stuff rather than love

the demands of the world to be busy doing for others rather than patiently being in their presence

the demands of the world to listen to those who dominate, rather than being the quiet voices of reason

Lord God

we confess we have followed the ways of the world

and in so doing, failed to follow you

come, through your holy spirit, sweep through us, we pray

remind us through our baptism our sins were washed away and we were called to follow you, through your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ