Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 18 November 2018

Lord Almighty

You looked with love and compassion on Hannah

answering her prayer, offered in her pain and misery

look upon our prayers, also, with love and compassion

as we offer them with confidence

knowing our High Priest, Jesus Christ

intercedes on our behalf at your throne of grace

Graceful God

in deep gratitude we thank you for the families we have

parents, spouses, children, nieces and nephews, godchildren

bless them all with your tender care

we bring before you those who are far from family

working off-shore or abroad to provide for their loved ones

those suffering from depression feel unworthy of familial affection

those who long for a child of their own, but unlike Hannah, their prayers remain unanswered

draw them close to you, Gracious God

surround them with your love

that they may find strength for the coming day and hope for their future

Future assuring Christ

in the things you taught your disciples, you showed life with you wouldn’t always be easy

but that there was hope

hope for a better world

hope for your kingdom to reign on earth as heaven

hope for even for those such as us

in these uncertain times, we thank you we can place our trust in you

the world may shake, governments fall, but in you all things will be made new

we bring before you decision makers across our land and further afield

may they work for the benefit of all, especially the poor and vulnerable

to your glory and honour

Glorifying Spirit

through your moving within and around us

may we be stirred to action

in how we live our lives

in how we use our resources, at home, at work, in the church

to be the people who set an example for this area

to be beacons of hope, where hope can seem a flickering candle

may the church of throughout this land

be fired by the Holy Spirit

to in praise and service

offer assurance, hope and love

in a world in so much need of it