Opening prayer 27 March 2018

Lord God Almighty

We come

We come as we follow Jesus Christ to the cross

we come to offer all we can to the one who gives us life

life which is in us

as we breathe on the breath of life

life that is around us

as we see buds burst forth from the ground

blossoms giving colour

birds nesting in the trees

Life is wonderful


given so freely

by the one who is our all in all

our creator, redeemer, sustainer

whom we worship and adore

in this time together

a time to pause and be

a time to know that you are God alone

a time to take in a glimpse of all that has been done for us

in this most Holy of Weeks

in this week where we will struggle to watch

in this week where we will turn away

in this week where we will deny

in this week where we will betray

in words, in actions, in what we fail to do

the one who gives us all

Lord God

do not set your curse on us

allow us to bear fruit, good fruit this week

fruit which lasts

through us pouring at Christ Jesus’ feet all we have

for through his sacrifice, which we will look upon, we are forgiven, loved, given life