Approach and confession prayer 24 October 2021

Glorify the Lord

exalt the Name above all names together

seek God’s Ways

purse Christ’s path

request the Spirit’s guidance

this day

and always

offer before the throne of grace






may we be dedicated to the Lord

in service and in worship

of the One who can do all things

whose purposes cannot be thwarted

Sing for joy

you people

this is the Lord

in whom we gather

through whom we pray

in whom we have a high priest

who lives and saves

who is exalted above the heavens

Son of David

Christ our Lord

who we cry to “have mercy on us”

for we know we need Christ’s mercy

for all our sins, all our shortcomings

and listen

he calls us to him

asks us

what do you want me to do for you?”

in humility

we ask his forgiveness

through faith, may we be forgive, healed, restored

then follow Jesus along the road