Approach and confession prayer 15 January 2023

All the wonders of the Lord God

how can we measure them?

How can we even list them?

For they are too many, much, much more than we can fully comprehend

yet, in God’s great mercy and love

God gave us the will, the desire,

to seek to understand

all the wonders of the Lord God

in the song of the blackbird

in the cry of the kite

in the bellow of the deer

all the wonders of the Lord God

surround us every day

for everything, everything on heaven or on earth

is God’s

what wonder it is we may know this

and may point to the stars

and say, they are God’s

point to the water

and say, it is God’s

point to the Son

and say, it is God


with us

come as servant

as the lamb of God

to take away the sin of the world

Lamb of God

with reverence and awe, we bow

bow before you today

looking to know more of the forgiveness you offer

for we know we have strayed from your will

in our own words and actions

in our neglect

in common with others

in our iniquity, we are ashamed

and confess our sin before you


God the Father

offers forgiveness through God the Son

know that forgiveness

for God does not hide God’s righteousness from those who seek it

in Christ’s name