Spill the Beans Promoting Peace Opening Prayer

The Holy one reigns throughout the earth

Goodness and grace pouring from his mercy seat

tumbling down, as a heavenly cascade

flowing across the land, as a mighty, meandering river

Life springs from its banks

Life, of bird and fish, frog and snake, tree and wheat

Life, of man, woman and child

all are refreshed and made new through this life giving water

so generously and ostentatiously given for the life of the world

the vitality of the nations

Abounding God

stream into our lives, our souls, our very beings, we pray

may we feel your Holy Spirit gush into our lives, as we come before you in worship and praise

that we may emerge from our prayers, our music, our words

with an ever deepening sense of your will, for us, for this church, for your world

that we may learn from all we do this hour, to trust and love you more,

to have confidence in your promises to us and all your children

But too often, we have struggled to fully place our hope in your assurances, and have gone our own ways

either in our actions, our words, our thoughts

we have fallen into the trap of meeting the world’s standards, the world’s expectations, and fallen short of what you will for us in our lives

May we turn from all which is not in accordance to your will

all which causes you and others pain

knowing we are set free from guilt and sin, in and through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying:

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