Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 5 April 2018

Christ Jesus

we thank you that in devastation loss, when the whole world seems to have been turned on its head

you come to us

where we are

and walk alongside us

listening to our pain, our worries, our struggles

not judging, but supporting

You walk beside us in many ways

giving us companions on the road

who support us

they are angels in disguise



strangers sometimes, who offer a smile or a complement which not only brightens our day, but reminds us that you, Lord Jesus are with us

even carrying us when we struggle to walk ourselves

Lord God

we bring before you those who need someone to walk beside them

those standing up against injustice, in what ever form it may take

those supporting loved ones who are ill in body, mind or spirit

those grappling to come to terms with devastating news

in a few moments of quiet, we bring before you those known to us who need you, Lord Jesus, to walk beside them


bless them with your love, your presence, Lord God

through your holy spirit moving in their lives

and, for those known to us, may we be the ones who are Christ walking beside them

who are Jesus bringing comfort and support

Teaching Christ

we thank you for explaining your life, your path, the scriptures to your disciples

before and after your resurrection

we praise and thank you that explaining your life, your path, the scriptures still goes on

through those who lead worship here, and in churches all across our land

through those who offer care and compassion to the weak and vulnerable in our society]

through charities who work hard in war and famine torn countries

we especially praise and thank you for those who taught us your life, your path, the scriptures

ministers, Sunday School teachers


fellow Christians

may we always learn, for our journey with the Risen Christ is not yet through

may we be the ones, in this time, in this place

who teach Jesus life, path and the scriptures

through the way we show love and compassion