Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 9 August 2020

Loving God

help us to have a look at our boats, our lives

and be grateful for all of them

our possessions

our families

our work

our hobbies

our friends

all which helps sustain us

gives us a hope and a purpose

and remind us, it all finds its source in your great generosity to us

Generous One

we seek your blessing on the lives of those who do not know generosity

those who place their own needs and desires before the health of their communities

those who define themselves in what they have, rather than who they are

those scared by poverty

those fed up of handouts, rather than hand ups

turn hearts from selfishness to benevolence

from fear to grace

from sadness to joy

Joy making One

we seek your blessing on those who find little joy today

those re-entering lockdown

those who who mourn

those injured in Beirut

those who face redundancy

teachers anxious for schools’ re-opening

enter their lives with our presence, Joy making One

bring them the peace and joy only you can bring

Peace bringing One

we long to see peace in our communities

in our countries

in our politics

in our world

bring peace, we pray

still the waters

sit in the boats

bringing your peaceful presence to these situations

Christ Jesus

and, now, we pause for a few moments, bringing the people, places and situation which are on our hearts this day


Accept these prayers, offered in trust and faith

of the living Son of God

Christ Jesus