Intercession 20 September 2015

Life breathing Lord

we give thanks for this gift of life we have, a life you wish us to live in all its fullness

in the fullness which comes through our families,

parents who taught us from birth,

siblings with whom we shared the warmth of childhood home

husbands and wives we share our lives with

children who open our eyes to your world, in fresh exciting ways

Lord, we are so blessed.

We recall those who have difficult family relationships, through abuse, neglect, a lack of love

God of wisdom

we praise you for the vast array of knowledge which is at our fingertips, in this digital age. May we use it wisely

We thank you for all how have taught us at every stage in our lives, teachers, colleagues, friends, may our journeys of self discovery and understanding of your world and everything in it never cease

we bring before you those in our world who do not have the opportunities for education we take for granted, due to poverty. Show us the ways we can ensure all children can go to school, can learn, can grow into the people you wish them to be

God of the church

we praise you that your body extends around the world, that we have brothers and sisters through our faith in Christ our Lord throughout the world

may we learn from our fellow Christians, that together our faith may be built up, that together we can serve your world

bless the leaders of your church, that their message and actions reflect your love in the world and that they may be good pastors to your flock.

healing Father

we bless and praise you for health care workers, for hospital porters, for those who volunteer in hospices and with the WVRS. We know, through their care and compassion, those suffering from illness or accident, and their families who wait anxiously at the bedside of their loved ones find comfort and strength.

Loving Lord

we pause to bring before you the prayers we cannot express in words, but which are written on our hearts before you now

All this we pray in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord.