Approach and confession prayer 18 July 2021

Father God

Your commands are true

you are faithful

your love endures forever and ever

all this you know

for you are higher than the heavens

even the depths of Gehenna

are at your command

you come to us

bless us with every good thing

anoint us with oil

as your servants

our cups run over

by your love for us

through your presence with us

here, in this time and place

gathered to worship you

in spirit and in truth

as we pray

as we sing

as we ponder

all our adoration be a filling sacrifice of praise

to lay at your throne

The throne of the One

who is our King and Saviour

Christ Jesus, your Son

whom we love and adore

and long to love and adore more and more

teach us your ways

guide us to the green pastures

remove from us all which is unjust, unrighteous

all which is a barrier to the Kingdom of God

on earth as in heaven

do not let our burdens crush us

do not condemn us

we beseech

in your never-ending faithfulness, goodness and love

forgive us of all our sins once again

we pray

that we may be restored to the people you call us to be

all this we pray through Christ Jesus precious name