Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 7 March 2021

Praise the One

Who needs no praise

for even if people stopped worshipping the Lord

the stars and moon

the skies and heavens

proclaim God’s glory

and offer praises to God


to the One who is the bridegroom

encompassing the whole earth in love

the warmth of love

we know

in the sun on our faces

in phone calls from friends

in chats at the doorstep

praise God that we may know God’s love

thanks be to God for that love revealed

made flesh and bones

in Jesus

our Lord

our saviour

our King

Who is the true temple

the true place of our worship and thanksgiving

who intercedes on our behalf

for our redemption

and the redemption of the world

Glory and praise and honour be Christ’s now and always

Redeeming Christ

as you overturned the tables

overturn our ways which do not honour you

the ways of our society

where wealth increases for some

while others are left destitute

where aid budgets are cut

yet our country profits from war and conflict

overturn our ways which do not honour you

where maintaining church buildings is prioritised over sharing the good news of the kingdom

in action, word and deed

overturn our ways which do not honour you

may the zeal of the Lord consume us

like a purging fire, driving our all the dross

refining us, driving out impurities

in our lives, in the church, in our society

that, more precious than any gold

we may follow the paths of righteousness

for your honour and glory

in praise and thanksgiving

to the one who as given all for us

Christ Jesus

in whom we pray and, in a few moments of quiet bring the people, places and situations which are on our hearts and in our thoughts today


May these, our prayers, be as sweet smelling incense, wafting across the altar of grace

offered in faith and humility

in trust and love

through the precious name of Jesus