Approach and confession prayer 3 November 2019

Majestic One

who notices the least and the lost

notice us this day

see us, in all our frailty and imperfection

as we assemble before your throne

bringing our inadequate offerings

in our weakness and poverty

longing to draw near to the source of our beings

longing to draw near to the one who knows us, notices us, and longs to spend time with us

our God, our Saviour, our Redeemer


Redeeming Christ

we long to see you

to welcome your presence here,

to talk to you

to walk with you

to meet with you through our worship this hour

will you come to our house, Christ Jesus?

Even sinners such as us?

For you are alone perfect

we are imperfect, pulled in many direction by the pressures of society, family, church even

getting things wrong time and time again

sometimes not learning from our mistakes

often not trying to show we have truly repented

come Lord Jesus

come and take up residence with us

soften our hearts

that we will seek your ways

that, in so doing, we will know our sins against you, others and this world are forgiven

and we can know salvation

for we are lost and need you to find us, Jesus

and set us back into your paths of righteousness

where this hour, this day and all the days of our lives

our worship and our service will show whose we are and who we serve

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

One God now and forever

revealed to us in the living Chris Jesus

in whose name we gather,

in whose name we worship

in whose name we pray Amen