Approach and confession prayer 12 June 2022

How majestic on all the earth

is the Lord’s name

heaven and earth proclaim God’s glory

through the pattern of the stars at night

the passing of the sun by day

set in place by God the Father

through the Son and Spirit

the triune God

who we are honoured to know in Jesus

we, mere mortals


who are we to know this splendour?

To be crowned by God with honour and glory?

We bow

at the Lord’s throne

in awe and wonder

God loves us

cares for us

comes to us


in our song and quietness

in our prayer and praise

by the power of the spirit

may our worship be a delight for the Lord

and, as we worship

we reflect on how we have fallen short of the honour and glory God bestows on us

we’ve failed to be good stewards of creation

we’ve cling to patterns of the past, rather than stepping into the future

we’ve not treated others as they are also made in God’s image

we’ve fallen and stumbled into the patterns of the world, rather than the kingdom of God

so we pause to confess our sins



assist us to know again today

that we are forgiven

and called to follow you

as your servants and siblings