Opening prayer 6 September 2015

God our Father, God our Mother

Perfect Parent, caring and loving towards all your children.

In your affection, the mountains, the burns, the clouds, the stars, the oceans were spoken into being, were brought forth in and through your life-giving breath

Brought forth that we may live in a wonderfully made planet, in a beautiful place and experience through all which we see, hear and smell the glory and marvel of you.

Our God, our maker, our redeemer

We bow, in admiration, in awe, in humility at your throne

we lay all we have at your feet, in gratitude, in devotion, in love for all you have done for us, for all you mean to us

As we come before you this hour, accept all we have to offer, our praise, our prayers, our meditation on your word

May our hymns and praises, sung and in our hearts mingle with the angels and archangels, around your mercy seat, to create a never ending aria throughout the ages, proclaiming, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty.

And may we, through our worship together, in this time, in this place, feel around and within us, your presence blessing us, guiding us

Cherishing God

in you, there is no rich or poor, no honoured or dishonoured, for all have been made equal through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Yet we confess, we do not see others as you see them. We too often jump to conclusions about people based on their jobs, the place they are from, the clothes they wear.

We are truly sorry for these and the many other ways we have failed to follow your way of life for us.

In your mercy, we are forgiven in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying: