Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 7 June 2020

Father God

What a joy and a privilege it is for us that we can have the intimacy of relationship with you that we can call you Father

that we can speak to you openly and honestly

knowing you hold us and care for us

that you love us more than we could ever truly understand

we know, there are some who struggle to call you Father

they have bad relationships with their human father, which mean they find it hard to use that word with any sort of trust or love

or they look at all the chaos and confusion in the world and they reject a God which allows this to happen at all

Christ Jesus

we praise and thank you that in spite of our doubts and failings, you trust us to make disciples in the world,

we who are still learning how to follow, you send

thank you that you care always with us, no matter what we face

assist us to do as you command, in love

we thank you for those who came before us, to share the good news in this land

from St Ninian and Columba, to the people who brought us to faith

we pray for the whole church across the world, may we all play our part in taking the good news to the world

today we especially bring before you St Andrew’s church Ottawa, Karen their minister, their elders and congregation.

May they, with their sibling churches there, be beacons of hope and love in Ottawa

Holy Spirit

we thank you that you strengthen and reassure us

that you give us confidence and encouragement to preach the gospel in all the ways we can

may you bind us to one another, from the Highlands of Scotland to Ottawa and throughout the world

that together the church can be a place where all can see they truly are held and known and cared for by the God who made them, the heavens and all creation

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Blessed Trinity

we thank you for the relationship which binds you together

a relationship you invite us to be part of

empower us this day to use our relationships for and in love

to your honour and glory

to all people can know your care

so all the world can be made new