Easter 5B intercession 5 May 2015

This prayer was used in a local care home for the elderly:

Loving Father

we praise and bless you for your kindness, generosity, grace poured out on us, all the days of our lives.

We know these are expressions of your love, your unconditional, limitless love which you have for us all.

And we thank and bless you that this love extends to all people, everywhere. All our families and friends, all those we hold dear to us, are included I your love.

We give you thanks for the myriad of ways your love has been shown in our lives.

Through the laughter with friends and friends, the kindness of strangers, the glory and beauty of the world around us.

We think of those who have not recognised your love, struggle to find love in their situations, in their lives, as their days are a toil, through illness, poverty or sorrow.

May your love break through, in a kind word, in an act of generosity, and that in them becoming aware of our love, your presence always with them, they may find the comfort and strength needed to face a new day.

In this election week, we ask for your blessing for all who stand for public office, in this country and throughout the world.

May their decisions, their actions, their policies always be guided by your love, especially for the poor, the vulnerable and the lost.

And we pray that, whatever the outcome on Friday, all politicians may work together, not for personal gain or political points scoring, but to bring about a more just and tolerant nation.

We bless and thank you for all who care for us, our families, our friends, the staff here.

Be with them, guide them, love.

All this we pray in and through Jesus Christ our Lord


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