Approach and confession prayer 9 September 2018

Praise the Lord

We will praise the Lord with our souls

Praise the Lord with our lives

Sing praises to God as long as we live

God whom we call Father, Mother

Christ whom we call brother, friend

Holy Spirit whom we call encourager, support

One God, Holy Trinity

in whom and through whom we are made whole

in whom and through whom we can worship this day

in whom and through whom we find love

that same love which cast stars into space

is the love which meets us here

is present with us

in our singing, in our devotion, in being with one another

Loving God

may our whole lives be dedicated to you

may we place our trust in you and you alone

that we may be righteous and blameless in your sight

take away from us those times where we have judged others because they are not like us

where we have looked for difference, rather than seeing the divine image held within each person we met

where we have not lived in accordance of your will

and, in so doing, have sinned against you and others

remind us of who we are

loved, precious children of God

called forth in love to be love in the world

set free of our shame through Christ our friend, our brother, our Lord