Approach and confession prayer 30 July 2017

Give praise to the Lord

Ascribe glory to God;s holy name

the name which is above all names

the name on our lips and in our hearts

Praise the Lord

Praise him

for his wonderful acts

forming fish of the water and birds of the air

generating pollen and planets

preforming miracles, which save his people,

which demonstrate his magnificence,

which testify the Lord God is God alone

there is none like God

whose holy name we come to honour

whose presence we bow before

in humility and fear

Knowing we are unworthy people

falling sort of the dignity we have as God’s royal priesthood

falling sort of the splendour we have, made in the image of God

Yet we come, in the assurance God is righteous, slow to anger, abounding in love

his justice and mercy gathers embraces all in his grace

inviting all to seek the treasure he offers to all

forgiveness of sin

freedom from transgressions

love in abundance

for you, for me, for all the earth

Lord God

as we worship you this day

may your holy spirit come to move within and around us

that together we may be the yeast for the world,

small, but important

growing your kingdom

through our devotion to your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord