Approach and confession prayer 14 June 2020

Loving eternal One

We come

We come, drawn to your mercy and grace

longing to feel your presence with us this day

our thirsty souls search for the spring of living water you offer

that cool, clear, water, refreshment

may it pour, more and more into our spirits and lives

fill us up to overflowing

Overflowing One

pour out your love on us this day

through the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit with us

assist us as we worship this way

assist us to know you with us this day

have compassion on us

we who are sick and heavy laden

concerned about what the future holds,

personally and collectively

may we know you are our Shepherd

now and always

Shepherding One

as we tread a new path

one which we do not understand

one where we cannot see where it leads

may we follow you, in trust and discipleship

setting aside all which burdens us

all which weighs heavy upon us this day

all our faults and sins

all our worries and pain


May you know that Christ himself comes to take that burden from you

may you know your sins are forgiven

through his redeeming love

today and always