Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 8 December 2019 (version 2)

Loving God

we thank you for your presence with us this day

as we worship you

in the people who sit beside us

in those who care for us

bless them all and surround them with your love and care that they, too, may also know your presence in their lives


Living Jesus

we thank you for being the one to fulfil the promise made long ago

the one brought forth from Jesse

on whom all wisdom and understanding

all counsel and might

all love came incarnate, flesh and bone to live and breathe with us

we cannot express in words how much this means to us

how thankful we are that through faith in you Jesus

we know the promises God makes are for us

and all God’s children


Eternal Father

we thank you you are our perfect Father and we are your beloved children

bless us, to show your love to all your children that, though our words and actions

we can be a light in the darkness


as we approach a General Election

bless all the candidates with a spirit of wisdom and understanding

that they will speak well of others

that they will be received with grace wherever they may go

that they will be guided by truth and justice

so the poor, the disabled, the lost and the lonely may be lifted up and honoured

in the dealings of the future government of this nation


Lord God

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

accept these our prayers, offered in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord