Spill the beans Showing the Sacred Opening Prayer

Loving Heavenly Father

giver and maker of life

breath bestower into all being, into all creation

you care deeply and passionately for your cosmos

the flora and fauna

the plants and animals

the stars and galaxies

all is good in your sight.

We are privileged you set us, us mere humans, at the pinnacle of that creation.

Set us there to tend it, to care for it.

Set us there, so you could be our Father God

Set us there so we could know you, could love you

because you first loved us

we are honoured we can have this relationship with you,

one you do not impose on us,

one where you welcome us with open arms

as we gather here, to worship together

as a fellowship of your church, drawn together in and through our shared faith in you

God of all care

Embrace us, hold us, be there for us

in this time together, as we offer our praise, our prayer, as we mediate on your word

that we may deepen our relationship with you

that we may love you more

Cherishing Lord

we know your deepest desire for us is for us to cease our wanderings, stop our rebellion and return to you fully

our individualistic streak wants to step out on our own, thinking we can do what needs done in our lives, in our communities, in our world

without your help, without your guidance, without your constant presence with us

Nevertheless, you are patient with us, you give us freedom to make these mistakes, and when we return to you, you run to embrace us, and reassure us we are forgiven time and time again,

through your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord

Who taught us to pray together saying: