Thanksgiving and intercession 28 August 2016

NB This has been adapted from this week’s Church of Scotland Starters for Sunday

Lord God

we thank you for all our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Their fellowship, prayers and support bless us each and every day.

we pray for your whole church, united in you

help us to love one another as you love us

and remember as one part suffers, we all suffer

Today, we especially recall before you our brothers and sisters in Malawi, where the harvest has failed

may we generously respond to their need

Friend making Christ

we bless you for friends, some we’ve known for many years, some new to us

all were strangers to us once

Lord, we pray for strangers;

for all those as yet unknown to us,

with whom one day we may share hospitality, love and friendship with them


Lord, we pray for all who are in prison;

let them know of your love,

and bless those who visit them that through those visits, prisoners may remain in contact with their families, and bless those who work for their reintegration to society, prison and probation officers.

Healing Jesus

we thank you for the NHS and all who work for it, including audiologists, cleaners, physiotherapists, radiographers

guide their work, comfort the sick and their loved ones, bring peace and wholeness to broken bodies

Lord God

we thank you for the lives we are able to live, in freedom and peace

we pray for all who are suffering ill-treatment, in whatever form that may take, in our streets and communities and throughout your world

grant them faith, courage and strength to overcome.

And give us the insight to see where we may help those near us gain the self confidence to overcome the ill-treatment they face, day after day

Christ, who was present at a wedding in Canna of Galilee,

we thank you for the gift of marriage and pray for all who are married;

keep them faithful and true to each other,

ready to forgive and be forgiven.

Assist us to support those who are married, especially those recently married, that their love, loyalty and commitment may continue to grow and flourish

Ever loving God

we pray for those who have put love of money and material possessions before all else.

Help us all to get our priorities right,

to put our trust in you for all the good things we have in our lives

where we have more than enough, assist us to share generously so your kingdom may come, your will be done

Lord, we thank you for those who have shown us Christ.

Help us to imitate their faith and life.