Approach and confession prayer 11 February 2018

Sing praises to the Lord

Sing in adoration and wonder to the Lord

as God’s faithful people

Come approach with awe and reverence

the Holy one of Israel

the One who sits in royal splendour upon the mighty throne

The dazzling sight is hard to bear

for what do we see?

The glory of the Lord shining around us

for the Lord comes to us

comes to us, as we come to the the Lord

in prayer, in praise, in penitence

bowing at the throne

unable to lift our eyes

for we sense our uncleanliness

in the dazzling light

where every spot is exposed


in humility and faith, we confess before God our sins and wrongdoings, knowing we have failed one another and, in so doing, failed God

we long to be clean and cry to the Lord “if you are able, you can make us clean.”

Lord Jesus

reach out and touch each one of us

make us clean

set us free from all which removes us from living fully in community with you and with one another

that we may truly worship you this day

in our hymns, in listening to your Word, in bringing our whole life before you

that together, we may worthily praise you and glorify your name

that our hearts may be filled with joy at the knowledge of our saviour

The Lord Jesus Christ

who we honour

who we love

who we adore

now and forever