Approach and confession prayer 27 August 2023

Lord God

we adore you

the source of our being

the origin of heaven and earth

the author of the Word

made flesh in Jesus

Lord God

we adore you

and come before you today

with hearts open to know more of your love

with minds open to understand more of your path

with bodies open to experience more of your blessing

Lord God

we adore you

may all we bring before you today

be a pleasing, holy, living sacrifice

true and proper worship

in our song, our prayer, our reflection

here, at this time, in this place

and in all we say and do in our daily lives

Lord God

we adore you

we bow in awe and wonder

you call us here to meet with you

you seek our service

you desire our love and adoration

which we know are limited

in response to all you offer us

and all who call on Jesus’ precious name

Lord God

we adore you

accept our flawed and broken praise

cracked and in need of repair

due to our anger, pride, fear, frustration

due to the hurt we cause

the bitterness which clouds our judgement

our weakness in body, mind and soul

which leads us into the paths of sin and decay

humbly, we confess these before you, Lord God


May you know forgiveness

the slate wiped clean

the record cleared

the promise God the Father made through God the Son

and turn to the paths of God

whom we adore

and worship today

through Christ Jesus