Approach and confession prayer 18 August 2019

Hear us, Lord God

you who sits enthroned between cherubim

who sing your praises hour on hour, day on day, year on year

Come, save us, Lord God

as you saved Israel from Egypt

transporting it as a vine to the Promised Land

granting rich, fertile soil to your chosen people

do the same again, Lord God

plant your vine in us

that we may bear fruit for your kingdom

that we may worship you in truth and power

being filled by the Holy Spirit

as we bow in adoration as your throne

longing to spend time with you

longing to know your love all the more

longing to feel the blessing of your face shining upon us

watching over us, as your people

to whom your kingdom has been granted

Kingdom building Christ

how can the kingdom be built when we are not as one with you and your will?

We turn our faces from injustice, saying “it’s their fault” or “it’s not my problem”

we cause injustice through our lifestyle choices

we say nothing in the face of bullying or lies or intimidation, so not to cause division

and in so doing, we fail to be bearers of good fruit for the kingdom

forgive us, Christ our King, of these and all the many ways we have failed to bring forth your kingdom

release us and set us free from all our sins

that we can be light in this dark world