Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 7 January 2018

Loving Father

through Christ our lord

we have become your sons and daughters

united through the sign and seal of your baptism

a baptism of grace-filled love, which you freely and generously pour out on all who receive it

we praise and bless your holy name for this gift, which we received before we could fully understand it, before we even asked for it

in baptism, we are united with all those who are baptised throughout the world and throughout time

united as Christ’s body

we thank you we share this with many people, of diverse backgrounds, cultures, all part of the one church

we recall before you our brothers and sisters in Christ, in this church and in all churches throughout the world.

Sustain them, uphold them, support them in your love and mercy and assist us to be truly together in Christ across the miles

Christ our brother

you came into the world to show the father’s love, to reveal life in all its fullness

but many in our world cannot feel that love, cannot live lives filled with passion and care

as they have too many cares of their own

some do not feel your love, because they are lonely, crippled through debt, struggling with life or they see the terror which is piped onto our screens day after day and wonder where is God, where are you, in all of this?

Some do not feel your love, because they refuse to see it. They see the beauty and complexity of life, of the world, and try to explain it rationally.

But love and grace and mercy cannot be rationally explained.

Fill us with the grace to remain firm in our faith, but respectful of other’s, irrespective of their attacks on our faith

We also recall before you those of other faith traditions, who due to the actions of some, are persecuted, assaulted, harassed

May we have the courage to speak out against these and any injustice, no matter who it may be against,

That, though our words and our actions, all will see your spirit moving within us, will see you light and your love burning within us

and all, throughout your world, will hear and see and feel and know your love,

through Jesus Christ our lord