Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 4 April 2021

Shout for joy

proclaim the victory won

death conquered

salvation offered

the gates of righteousness open

these are the mighty things the Lord has done

let us give thanks

for God answers our prayers

God wipes away tears from all faces

removes our disgrace

and has swallowed up death forever and ever

for Christ has risen

he has risen indeed


the Risen One

we cannot express our jubilation at this great day

there is so much to be grateful for

the promise of eternal life

freedom from the burden of sin

love, unconditional love, poured into our lives

poured so freely, it overflows like perfumed oil

into the life of the world in which we move

a world filled with colour and majesty

in the delicacy of butterflies wings

the blue of the forget-me-not

the thunderous roar of waterfalls

may our thankfulness be shown in care for the world around us

that the whole earth may know death overcome

for Christ is risen

he is risen indeed

Living Christ

as we celebrate and praise you this Easter day

we pause to recall all those who have died this past year

where there were no final goodbyes

where funerals have been curtailed

and the grieving process has been harder

may your love continue to surround all who mourn

through your holy spirit

and through care and compassion offered from neighbours, friends, bereavement services

Hope bringing One

through your resurrection, there is a hope and a future

but for many in this land, that feels like an empty promise

opportunities missed

jobs and businesses lost

uncertainty where this all may end

we’re caught up in this too

help each one of us to find hope and, where we can

be hope

to lost and lonely

to hopeless and dejected

for, our Lord

we know it was to such as these you came

into this world

ate with friends and sinners

included those who were excluded

and invite us to go and do likewise

this Easter

may we proclaim

in thought, word and deed

Christ is risen

he is risen indeed