Approach and confession prayer 5 February 2023

Delight in the Lord

delight in the Lord always

for blessed are those who delight in the Lord’s commands

light dawns for the upright

God comes to those who are generous

and act with justice

delight in the Lord

the Lord is our delight

the One we love

and long to love more

the One we follow

and long to follow faithfully

the One we gather to worship

and long to blend our song, our prayer, our devotion

with the never ending hymn of praise across the earth and the heavens

delight in the Lord

delight in the Lord always

the Lord is our strength and our light

in whom and through whom we have hope

hope that the kingdom is near

the kingdom is very near

through faith in the living Christ Jesus

Living Lord Jesus

be with us we pray

in our time together

and all the days of our lives

that your righteousness and glory may go before us

that we may be salt and light for the world

where we have failed to bring flavour

do not throw us out

do not trample us

where we’re failed to bring light

set us where our works cannot be hidden

where we’ve sinned, against you and others

we seek your forgiveness anew today

may you know you are cleansed and renewed

through the power of the spirit and the love of God

in that forgiveness, be salt of the earth

be light to the world

glorifying God in heaven now and always