Approach and confession prayer 13 March 2022

Under the shadow of God’s wings we gather

seeking safety





her downy underside

offering warmth

her mantled wings

offering protection

for all her children

as we gather under the shadow of God’s wings

we bring our love

and long to love more

we bring our doubts

and long to have them relieved

we bring our pain

and long to be comforted

as we gather under the shadow of God’s wings

may we bring our worship, praise, adoration

in our heartfelt prayers, songs and meditation on God’s Word

God’s Word which is Jesus

The Christ

the Messiah

who, like a mother hen

was willing to lay down his life

for our protection

to reveal

no matter our deeds

no matter how far we may stray from God’s way

no matter the enormity of our sins

we are loved

loved and forgiven

may we live in the knowledge of that forgiveness

that love

through Christ Jesus

we pray