The soldiers mocked

The soldiers mocked

Stripped him of dignity

stripped him of his humanity

Getting him ready for his death.

The soldiers mocked

With a scarlet robe and a crown of thorns

His charge, the reason he was to die?

King of the Jews.

Here is a staff, a sign of the power of Kings

Give that to him too

The soldiers mocked

Hail, King of the Jews,” from bended knee

Hail, King of the Jews.”

They spat on him, beat him

Again, and again, and again

The soldiers mocked

And led him to his death

Forcing another to carry the cross

The soldiers mocked

gambling over his clothes, his only possessions

as he looked on from the cross

Laid bare to for all to stare upon

the King of the Jews

The soldiers mocked

And so did those who saw him hang there

God’s son on a cross

no, that was not right

He could save himself

if that were true

The people mocked

The chief priests and teachers of the law mocked

Those crucified to his left and right mocked

Jesus, the King of the Jews