Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 3 November 2019

Eternal God

unbounded by time and space

we praise you

we honour you

we thank you for your presence with us

as we have worshipped together

we thank you for noticing us, even us here in this place, at this time

we are not important by the world’s standards

but we are important to you

and for that we delight and our hearts are filled with joy


may we look our from the ramparts of this place

seeing and seeking the lost

that they may be found

and restored to their rightful place

as children of the living God


Living Christ

did you deliberately seek out criticism by staying with the worst of sinners?

Thank you for doing this and challenging our views of who can know salvation

thank you that through your life, death and resurrection salvation has come to this house and all our homes

live in us, Christ Jesus

that we may see others as you see them

loved, precious, cared for

open our hearts and minds to seek justice for the oppressed

to plead the case of the widow

to take up the cause of the orphan

that your mercy would flow into the world like refreshing water on dry, parched land

bringing forth life in all its fullness as you promised


Thirst Quenching One

may leaders of businesses, corporations, large land owners know your life giving water

that workers rights are upheld

they are given a fair wage

and treated with respect and dignity

may politicians, in local, Scottish and UK governments know your life giving water

that they would lead with integrity for the good of all the people they serve

may we know your life giving water that it would overflow from us

into the places, people and situations we know are parched and in desperate need of forgiveness, hope, peace and love

which we recall before you in a few moments of quiet


Loving, eternal, living God

accept all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, offered through Christ Jesus Amen