Approach and confession 15 October 2017

Praise the Lord

let the people praise the Lord

may all creation sing praises to the Lord most High

no words can describe the Lord

no object can contain God

nothing, nothing in all heaven and earth

nothing seen, nothing unseen

comes close to the glory of the Lord

the Lord who invites all people

good and bad

rich and poor

wise and foolish

to his feast

a feast where the best of everything has been provided

We come, at your invitation, Lord God

bowing with humility that we are included among the people you have called

called to devote this time of worship to you and you alone

called to follow your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord in all we say and do

called to know the presence of the Holy Spirit within and around us, prompting us to clothe ourselves in all good things

all good things, which we find in and through our service to you, High King of Heaven

in our prayers, in our song, in the meditation of your Word

May it nourish our souls and enliven our spirits

not because we are especially good

or worthy

but because in all things, you have sent Jesus Christ to plead on our behalf

that all our sins, all the times we have failed one another and in so doing, failed the Lord God

are taken from us

and we are clothed guests at a wedding

afresh, renewed, justified, saved

through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord

who is our everything