Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 7 July 2019

God of Elisha

we praise you for all you did through him and your prophets

in healing those with dreaded illnesses to speaking truth to power

we thank you for the prophets of our day

who call out corruption in political life

who challenge our thinking on how we use the world’s resources

who campaign tirelessly for those on the margins

grant us the willingness to listen for and to the prophets of this day

and to pray for their work, as it is the work of your kingdom


Kingdom building Christ

we thank you for the reminder the healing and wholeness you offer comes in ways we can do easily

in simple trust and love in you and your presence in our lives

we think of those in our land who long for healing and wholeness

the homeless

the refugee

the isolated

the lonely

grant them peace


a place to call home

and a reminder that, sometimes, it needs them to take a step in faith to receive the help and assistance which they need


Assisting Spirit

we thank you for your presence with us and in the world

support us in our prayers for those we know and those people and situations we hear in the news

remind us, though it seems such a simple act

it has the power to transform lives

through Christ, our Lord, we pray