Approach and confession prayer 16 August 2020

God is good

let us sing it

God is good

let us shout it out

God is good

let’s never doubt it

God is good

let us bring our offering of praise

God is good

ruling the world with fairness and justice

God is good

ever to be worshipped and God’s eternal name praised from highest heaven to lowest valley.

God is good

sending Christ Jesus to live with us

know our pain and sorrow

teach and lead us

God is good

in sending the Holy Spirit

as we join our hearts and minds with one another

across time and space to worship

to bow before the throne of grace

and know the great mercy, love and goodness of God

who endures forever and ever


Enduring Lord

in your great mercy, goodness and love

accept our worship today

and the offering of love we bring to you

cleanse us from our sins

for we know we have many

and in a moment of quiet we bring them before you


May we know the forgiveness of God

may we be washed and made white by the love of Christ

may we feel the refining touch of the Spirit

setting us free to know

God is good

today and always